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I Just had a Brand New Closet Envy System Installed… Now what?

So you’ve decided to make an incredible investment in your home by having The Closet Envy install a custom closet system! Congratulations! Now that you have the perfect functional and beautiful blank canvas to work with, you can start to fill it with your own items!  

If you’re wanting your closet to look absolutely Pinterest-worthy, it’s important to keep your new space as streamlined as possible by arranging each item of clothing appropriately. In order to utilize your brand new closet in the most efficient way possible, remember to keep unnecessary items (aka clutter) far away!

Utilize these 8 Pro-Tips:


  1. Group like with like: Since your clothing & accessories have already been removed before your Closet Envy System was installed, now is the perfect opportunity to group your items! Start by sorting your hanging clothes by type. Divide your clothing by person (should you be sharing a closet with your significant other). Then, divide the clothing by work, casual, and dressy attire. (*NOTE: leave your sweaters in a separate pile, you’ll see why soon!) Next, you should sort these items further by type… pants, skirts, dresses, shirts, blouses, etc. Now that you have these groups sorted out, sort them further by length… short sleeved shirts to long sleeved, short dresses to long dresses, tight fitting pants to looser ones, etc. Now it’s time to hang! Make sure you keep a little bit of space in between each section to save time searching!
  2. Organize shoes by type: Did you get a jaw-dropping highly illuminated Closet Envy shoe wall like this one? Make sure to do it justice by sorting your shoes by type, color, and “prettiness.” Pro-tip: When organizing heels, make sure to have one pointing towards the wall, and one facing outward as shown in this photo! 
  3. Hang your pants on top: Wait… what? It may seem more than a bit odd to have your pants on top when their worn… on bottom… if you follow this tip you will get the illusion of more space because your pants will inevitably take up less space than your shirts. So: start by folding your pants in half, and then hanging them on the top rod! If you’d rather not have your pants hung, they can also be folded and placed on your shelves instead.
  4. Add baskets to cubby spaces: There are endless designs of baskets to match with any decor. These baskets are the perfect place to keep socks, bathing suits, and other smaller items. Storing these items in baskets will create greater visibility, allowing you to easily find exactly what you need, unlike if you were to keep them in drawers. 
  5. Stack (don’t hang!!) sweaters systematically: Pro-Tip: sweaters should not be hung because hangers can pull the threads at the shoulders which would cause major damage over time! EEK! So, to avoid the unraveling of your gorgeous sweaters, fold them and keep them on your custom shelving! How to sort them? First by weight, then by color, and stack them no more than five high. When you create short stacks of sweaters, they will naturally break up your pieces by season which will save precious time when you need to find that exact sweater to wear on a given day. Another good reason for shorter sweater stacks: these piles will fit perfectly between your
    brand new shelves! 
  6. Organizing belts: Sort them first by purpose, and then separate these belts by color.  Next, hang them (or roll them into a basket) and place them in a low-traffic location to keep them out of the way but still accessible!
  7. Divide your scarves by knitted or cloth: Did your custom closet come with diamond-shaped nooks? These are the perfect spot to roll thick scarves and easily see what you’re working with! If you didn’t get these custom nooks, you can also fold your thicker scarves & store them on a shelf or in a basket & then hang your lightweight scarves by length so they’re easier to locate as needed!
  8. Don’t allow unworthy items: Do you have random promotional T-shirts, clothes you haven’t worn in years, wire dry-cleaner hangers, or orphan socks still in your possession? These items will just clutter your beautiful new space! Take stock of any undesirable items and consider donating old items, and store pieces you just can’t part with elsewhere!

New Year, New Closet!

New year, new closet! Spring cleaning has come early this year! Start the year off right with a fresh take on your closet organization.

New year, new closet! Spring cleaning has come early this year! Start the year with a fresh take on your closet organization. #resolutions #newyearnewcloset

Cull the Closet

Are you surprised that the first step is to purge?  Of course, you’re not! You have to cull the clutter before you can create the closet of your dreams. If you haven’t worn it in the last 6 months to 1 year it’s time to say goodbye. Even if it’s a piece that still has a lot of life left in it, if it doesn’t give you joy to wear it, pass it on to someone else.

Cincy Chic has these tips for getting started.

Start by taking all the clothing items out of your closet that you haven’t worn in the last month. Try on each piece of clothing and ask yourself a few questions:

  • Does it fit?
  • Is it flattering?
  • Does it fit your life style?
  • Does it need repaired or tailored?

Answering these questions will help you decide what to keep and what needs to go! No need to hold on to those clothes that might fit you someday. Let’s be honest, when someday rolls around you are going to want to go on a shopping spree!

New year, new closet! Spring cleaning has come early this year! Start the year with a fresh take on your closet organization. #resolutions #newyearnewcloset

Did you know there are only 7 days in a week? It’s true! Which means you can easily take your t-shirt collection down to about 10 shirts. Do you really need more than that?

Have a few (or 20) shirts you can’t stand to part with? Keep the ones you wear in the closet and store the t-shirts full of memories somewhere else. Or, if you have a crafty bone in your body, turn those logos into a super cute t-shirt quilt!

Get in Groups

When you are ready to decide what goes where, it really helps to get your items into groups. Hello Beautiful quotes the amazing Marie Kondo on the subject of categorization.

In “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up”, author Marie Kondo advises readers to remove clothing from every closet, drawer and laundry basket in the home and sort the items into categories: tank tops/camisoles, t-shirts, blouses, sweaters/cardigans, blazers, jackets, coats, pants, jeans, skirt, and shorts.

And if you have 18 VW bus shirts, by all means group those as well (and then perhaps purge, just sayin)!

New year, new closet! Spring cleaning has come early this year! Start the year with a fresh take on your closet organization. #resolutions #newyearnewcloset

Once you have items in groups you can do one last pass through to see if there are any other items that can be donated. Now it’s time to think about what will go where.

Use Your Space

Once your closet is empty it’s much easier to see the space you have and decide how best to use it. Don’t simply fall back on old habits. Think about what makes the most sense for the space you have.

Place the items you use most often in the most accessible space. Decide what items would work on the shelves, and what needs to hang. Do you have empty space on the walls? Add some hooks for more versatile storage. Be thoughtful about every item you bring back into the closet.

Don’t forget about the space down low. Your shoes have to go somewhere! Who What Wear reminds you to keep your shoes visible.

This one is simple: if you can’t see it, you won’t wear it. If you hide your shoes toward the back of your closet, you will continue to wear the same pairs over and over again. Even out the playing field and show yourself all of your options.

New year, new closet! Spring cleaning has come early this year! Start the year with a fresh take on your closet organization. #resolutions #newyearnewcloset

Say Yes to a New Closet this New Year

Want an even more amazing closet this new year? Closet Envy can help create organization solutions for any room in your home. Schedule your free consultation today!