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Pocket Closets… how to maximize your space!

Even the smaller closets in your home deserve to be functional and worthy of envy.  Often referred to as “reach-in” or “pocket” closets, these smaller spaces can be quite versatile if you let them!Usually anywhere from 3 to 8 feet wide with a limited depth of 24 to 30 inches, reach-in closets are commonly found in hallways, kids’ rooms and bedrooms of older homes. These closets were originally designed with a single rod for hanging clothes under a shelf, with return walls that can limit access inside. But these days a wide variety of products allow you to create a more efficient space with numerous storage opportunities.

We offer numerous accessory options to add to these pocket closets to transform them into usable spaces that will save you time & energy each day. Adding drawers to this space is one way to immediately allow for a much greater efficiency in your closet. These drawers can allow you to have your socks and undergarments right there, making getting ready in the morning infinitely faster. It also can reduce or even eliminate the need for a large dresser, which can choke an already small room.
We also recommend that our clients add pull-down wardrobes for a more efficient hanging system for folded pants, skirts, jackets and other like items to gain space in this kind of closet.
Lastly, for reach-in closets with traditional hinged doors, you can increase storage by adding hooks or over door racks and pockets to the back of the door for things like keys and shoes. In some of our projects, we actually replace the hinged door with sliding doors (like barn doors) in order to conserve even more space!

Are Sliding Closet Doors Right for You

When thinking about a closet redo one item is often overlooked…the closet doors! With choices like hinged doors, bi-fold doors, and sliding doors it’s hard to know what to choose. Are sliding closet doors right for you? Read more and find out!

Sliding Doors vs Hinged Doors

First lets discuss the basic differences between sliding doors and hinged doors. One set slides, and the other set swings open on hinges. Well, now that we have that sorted. 😉 Only kidding. There is a bit more to it than that.

LivSpace.com shares these advantages of Hinged Doors:

  • Improved visibility

It is easier to spot things when you open the doors as you get the entire view of the wardrobe. Unlike sliding doors, hinged doors do not conceal one side of the closet.

  • More hanging space

With hinged doors, you can hang your accessories like sling bags, scarves or belts on the back of the doors.

  • Color and finish options

Since hinged doors have been in the market for a long time, they come in various styles and colors.

Hinged doors are a more traditional option for many closets. They are the typical choice for walk in closets. One disadvantage of hinged doors is the space they take up when the door opens and closes. You must take that into consideration when arranging furniture in your room.

On the flip side, or shall we say the sliding side,  LivSpace.com shares these advantages of sliding doors:

  • Extensive length

Sliding door closets favor expansive spaces that can house a lengthy closet.

  • Contemporary style

One will have to agree that sliding door closets add an air of panache to any room. Mirrored sliding doors can give you both style and functionality in one very easy-to-maintain package.

Sliding doors are great for reach in closets. They are more compact and don’t take up any floor space. Not to mention the sleek contemporary design which appeals to many. The nature of  sliding doors does mean you can’t see the entire closet all at once. One solution is to keep off season clothes on one side, and current outfits on the other.

How to Hang Sliding Doors

If you enjoy DIY then you can hang sliding doors yourself. WikiHow has step by step instructions to help you get started. They also offer this advice:

Sliding doors are a stylish, modern way to finish your closet. With the right hardware, installing sliding closet doors on your own is simple. The key to professional-looking doors is taking the right measurements before your installation.

This is a situation where the old adage, “Measure twice, cut once” definitely holds true. If you take time to carefully measure and prepare you will have lovely sliding doors before you know it.

We Can Slide or Swing

Still unsure which type of door is right for you? Closet Envy is your closet renovation expert! We can help you determine if sliding closet doors or hinged doors are the right fit for your space and your needs. Schedule your free consultation today!